official District logoWelcome to our new website!   

We are in the process of building a new website. Please bear with us.

Only the Spring trout sale is still underway.  Trout delivery is scheduled for Monday, May 18th at noon.  So… if you have orders trout, you need to be there. If you have not ordered yet, we need your orders by the 13th.

For the trout sale go here:  Trout stocking sale.

Our previous website had a garden journal used to track changes in my own yard in Gardiner. That will become a separate page as this field season progresses. For now it’s just nice to know Spring has finally arrived.

Crocus2015This first crocus in my yard appeared on Orthodox Sunday.  That was April 12th.

  • As of this point [5/6/2015]
  • *Most daffodils are blooming.
  • *Golden Cornelius Cherry has started to bloom.
  • *Early tulips are just starting.
  • *Compost is at 120º
  • *Forsythia is in full bloom in the South garden