The ‘Garden’

This ‘Garden’ page is a minimal effort to identify how the growing season is changing.
I track the activity in my own garden. It is located in Gardiner and I maintain a number of trees and shrubs. Most of them were planted from our annual tree & shrub sale over the years. So… it is quite a collection. I try and track leaf and blooming times and indicate changes.
I also track my composting successes. I’m an avid “composter”.

Summer…. So far very dry…  but sunny. August is turning into a dry disaster.

As of this point [8/8/2016]

  • Compost is still at 120 degrees or higher. I haven’t tried to cook anything in it yet.   Occasionally I need to add water since it is so dry.
  • Daylilies are still going strong. I have a number of late ones.
  • The fruit trees look good.   Peach and Asian Pear look great.   Most of my apples are OK. I think the lack of rain is effecting the fruit size
  • My Wisteria bloomed nicely. I finally pruned the oldest of my three. It hadn’t started to damage the house yet.
  • Unfortunately the Japanese Beetles are numerous. Not as bad as last year however.

Dlily4          A few Day Lilies                Dlily3


Changes in our community garden here at work  –

We have two raised beds. Each about 4′ x 12′.  Peter did plant “the three sisters” last year i.e. corn, beans and squash. That was a disaster and will NOT be repeated.

Everything was planted. We will have more tomatoes, carrots and rutabagas than we will know what to do with.  We are just starting to deliver food to the soup kitchen.  We hope to grow over 100 lbs this year. We planted Rutabaga, Bush Beans, Carrots, Tomatoes and Peppers. They all weigh heavy.  :-{)