Kennebec District Season Activities-
It is getting to be that time for the season’s activities. Whether that is working on your shorefront or getting your gravel road in shape, we can help. Staff have started the work with our partners to work with landowners planning to improve their properties so that the stormwater causes less damage to the pond or streams in their area. The same goes for roadways.
In addition we are in the process of scheduling some of our “invasive plant” surveys. That effort is to help people identify the invasives in addition to figure out how to manage what they may have identified. For those interested, the Maine Natural Areas Program has developed a  “Maine Invasive Plants Field Guide” which they have for sale. Check IMapInvasives.org for more information.

The Maine State Envirothon has a winner.  Spruce Mt.team one came in 1st at he May 31st competition in East August. Spruce Mt. team two took second place. Belfast High School team one came in third.  Congratulations to all for an excellent competition.
The Spruce Mt. Envirothon team will be attending the National competition in late July  This year’s competion will be held at the University of North Carolina. The team is currently in the process of making plans.

Check the Maine Envirothon website for more info.  www.MaineEnvirothon.org  

In other news:

  • The Kennebec and Knox-Lincoln SWCD’s continue a project awarded to the Maine Natural Areas Program to address  terrestrial invasive plants. It includes support to help landowners IMap the invasives they have, learn techniques to manage those invasives, and provide workshops to spread the word. We have recently received an additional award from the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund [MOHF] in collaboration with both Knox-Lincoln and Waldo SWCD to expand the project of “invasive surveys”.
  • The East Pond watershed Based Plan was completed last year.  With the completion of the Watershed based plan, the two phases of the technical Alum Treatment have already occurred and we will wait for the results of further analysis to determine its success.
  • Technical Assistance provided with other watershed organizations has begun. That work includes China Regional Lake Association, Togus Pond, Belgrade Regional Lakes Alliance and 30 Mile Watershed Association.
  • The Kennebec SWCD  is part of a statewide group of SWCD’s providing  Forestry Pest outreach. We are in the second year of that project.   The 2018  “Forestry Pest” workshops and other events are being scheduled.
  • The Kennebec SWCD has received the award from Maine DEP for a new Watershed Based Plan for Great Pond. That work with partners is just beginning.