The ‘Garden’

DATE –   2018 season

This ‘Garden’ page is a minimal effort to identify how the growing season is changing.
I track the activity in my own garden. It is located in Gardiner and I maintain a number of trees and shrubs. Most of them were planted from our annual tree & shrub sale over the years. So… it is quite a collection. I try and track leaf and blooming times and indicate changes.
I also track my composting successes. I’m an avid “composter”.

Spring is just beginning… but with a vengeance.

As of this point [5/1/2018]

  • Compost is now at 85 degrees. I haven’t tried to cook anything in it yet.   I’ve turned it once and added mulched leaves from last fall.
  • Crocus have mostly passed.
    Daffodils are at their peak.
    Early Tulips are just beginning.
  • The fruit trees look good and are starting to have good leaf swell.
  • Lilac are looking healthy as are other trees.
  • I just planted the new Fedco plants for 2018 and they look like they will do fine.

Dlily4          A few Day Lilies                Dlily3


Changes in our community garden here at work  –

We have two raised beds. Each about 4′ x 12′.  We haven’t yet planted them for 2018.  That is targeted for the end of May.  :-{)