Who is “the District”

The Kennebec SWCD currently has three part time staff. A number of years ago we chose to keep part-time expertise rather than have to select between the three staff we had at the time.Art & Josh working on a project involving GIS.

STAFF     -Josh and Art are working on some project with GIS——-

  • Dale Finseth; Executive Director
  • Josh Platt; Technical Consultant

The District is governed by a Board of Supervisors as defined and mandated by Maine State law. Three are elected. Each to a staggered three year term of office which. Two are directly appointed based upon recommendations to the current Commissioner of the Dept. of  Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry [DACF].


Tom Doore, Gary Wheeler, and John Bascom at recent meeting.

Tom Doore, Gary Wheeler, and John Branscom at recent meeting.

  • Tom Doore; Chairperson
  • Ken Laustsen
  • Mary Street
  • Gary Wheeler; Treasurer
  • Karen Sparrow

Associate Supervisors – currently active.

  • John Branscom
  • Chuck Noyes