Our 2018 bulb sale is available.

Our plan is to allow people to place open orders directly to Fedco at www.fedcoseeds.com      Simply indicate that you are placing a group order with the Kennebec SWCD group.  Go to the “Bulbs Division” of the Fedco website. Log in with your own e-mail and then build your bulb order. As you check out, select the ‘Part of a Group’ checkbox and then ‘Check Out Securely’. Enter our group # where indicated. Once your order is placed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order as will I. Once I confirm your order, Fedco will confirm receipt of your order.

Our group number is 59003 this year. It changed from the previous year.   You then pay the Kennebec SWCD for your order and we pick it up for you in October.


If you want me to place your order via the internet, send your order to me and I’ll post it.